Jan 12, 2012
@ 6:29 AM

Mischa Pratt | Twenty-Four | Courier | Megan Fox | Taken

Mischa is a damn fine courier, she gets all the high paying gigs. The girl knows the desert like the back of her hand, and ever the Vipers know well enough not to fuck with her. She packs some serious heat, and having a daddy in the NCR train her up? Well, she’s a damn fine shot. She’s never had a problem out in the wastes. Rough, tough and gorgeous to boot: no wonder she’s been offered a job as personal courier to the Shark himself. On the other hand, she’s been offered a job as a courier to the NCR and that comes with its own set of benefits, plus her dad would have loved to see her work with his men. Mischa has a lot going for her, and a lot of eyes watching. It’s even been said that the Legion is watching her, wanting to scoop her up… But, they’re probably thinking more along the lines of torture for information…

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